Last Thursday, Capcom unveiled an impressive new trailer for Street Fighter 6 during Sony’s State of Play presentation. Although it revealed quite a bit about this new installment, such as the revamped fighting engine and an open-ended RPG-esque mode, it kept the character reveals to a minimum, only highlighting around four characters and briefly teasing a fifth one. Presumably, Capcom would have slowly trickled out character announcements before the game’s release. But, thanks to a leak that seemingly revealed the entire roster of the base game a mere day after its announcement, it appears that Capcom’s chance to surprise players with its character picks has already passed. Notably, through the official Street Fighter Twitter account, Capcom subtly acknowledged the Street Fighter 6 leak that same day.

The account posted a tweet stating that “as residents of Metro City, we’ve all seen things we weren’t supposed to see, but we’re all in this together.” The tweet went on to thank the gaming community for the positive support that Street Fighter 6 has received since its gameplay reveal.


Can we trust the leak?

Of course, the tweet didn’t outright confirm or deny the legitimacy of the leak. It’s difficult to dismiss this leak as mere noise, as the character portraits on display line up perfectly with the aesthetic and style of Street Fighter 6. Unsurprisingly, this leak features several returning faces, but just like Ryu and Chun-Li in the trailer, they all come with major redesigns. Additionally, the leak shows off a whole host of interesting and diverse newcomers, indicating that the final game will have plenty of brand-new content to mess around with.

The convincing nature of the Street Fighter 6 roster leak combined with Capcom’s response suggests that players will already know what to expect once Capcom showcases more of the game’s characters. This probably won’t harm the hype cycle surrounding the new roster all that much, though, especially since the characters look more stylish than ever.

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