As we slowly approach the impending release of Resident Evil Village, fans are understandably eager for more details. For now, we know about the game’s requirements on PC, but that is hardly enough. Thankfully, Capcom knows just how to whet our appetite. In partnership with IGN, the latest Resident Evil Village reveal shows us the world map, as well as the important Mother Miranda.

Judging from what we saw, this is the same map that was previously leaked with the Collector’s Edition of the game. We see Castle Dimitrescu, where everyone’s favorite tall lady resides.


We also got a look at the locations for Heisenberg’s Factory, House Beneviento, and Morseau’s Reservoir. A bunch of other unnamed locations are present as well. There is even a large sea monster at the bottom of the Resident Evil Village world map. Capcom sure does know how to keep things interesting.

If you are more concerned about the characters that will interact with Ethan Winters in the game, you are also in luck. Other than the world map, Capcom also showed off a little bit more about Mother Miranda in Resident Evil Village.

Mum’s the word

With a new screenshot depicting her as an important figure, Capcom is keeping other details scarce at the moment. According to Game Director Morimasa Sato, both Mother Miranda and her inner character will be essential to Resident Evil Village. 

Such cryptic words can either be a boon or a bane to players. With the tall vampire lady already trudging about, Ethan can definitely use some help in his latest fight to stay alive.

Capcom Shows Off Resident Evil Village World Map And Mother Miranda (2)

However, knowing Capcom and the team’s penchant for pushing players to the limit, Mother Miranda is likely to be a malevolent force. Hopefully, I am wrong on that count.

Now that we have seen the world map and learned a little bit more about Mother Miranda, we are only a month away from Resident Evil Village. Capcom’s latest horror game will release on May 7 for PC, Stadia, and consoles.

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