Castle Craft: World War is launching globally for iOS and Android devices on October 5th. Developed by RisingWings, a subsidiary of KRAFTON, Inc., Castle Craft: World War is a mobile real-time strategy game that’s focused on base destruction. Players will have decks of numerous heroes and units to deploy to destroy the bases of other opponents. All this, while players will also be expanding their own bases to make them as impenetrable as possible. With only a limited number of resources available, players will have to choose their troops smartly and strategically if they wish to win against multiple enemies. Players will have to be quick to respond to any attack and use everything in their arsenal to turn the tide of the battle and come out on top. It is important to strategise by learning your opponent’s tactics.

Their placements and base defenses could be used to better your own, or if you find any weaknesses then you must exploit them. The game will feature multiple modes like 1v1, co-op, simulation, training, friendly matches, and Guild Hunts. Be ready to do anything and everything in order to be the victor in all your battles.

Pre-registrations opened over a month ago, but Castle Craft: World War has already amassed over a million registrations with the number increasing by the day. The game has already been soft-launched in 49 countries including India and Indonesia so far. And the response has been nothing but positive.
A few weeks to go before the official launch of Castle Craft: World War and it can still be pre-ordered for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Also, keep an eye out for any pre-order bonuses that players can earn for pre-registering for the game before its official launch. 
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