What’s the purr-fect way to celebrate International Cat Day? Well, to The Gentlebros dev team, it’s none other than Cat Quest II‘s Mew World Update going live. The recent patch is chock-full of changes and tweaks, with the aim of revamping the way players approach the game. You can watch the Mew World Update’s trailer below:

Cat Quest II: The Mew World Update

I reviewed Cat Quest II back in September 2019 when it originally launched. Since my wife and I love cats — and I’m sure our cats love (owning) us — I found it delightful and charming. However, things did get quite repetitive. Likewise, even though you had a huge territory to explore with your feline characters, your AI companion seemed as if it’s more interested in lounging around like a clumsy cat than being a helpful co-adventurer.

Still, with Cat Quest II‘s Mew World Update, you’ll have additional means to spice up successive playthroughs as you scratch and claw your way all over Felingard and the Lupus Empire. Chief among these are the modifiers that you can select after finishing the story.

These modifiers — or “meowdifiers,” I guess — are designed to make successive runs a lot more challenging, but you do get a special armor set if you manage to complete the game again. Examples include “No Leveling” (which is fairly self-explanatory since you basically can’t level-up), “Ruffer Enemies” (which switches up some enemies and adds deadlier ones), “Naked Paws” (which won’t let you equip any armor or weapon), and “Furever Alone” (which leads to a “game over” when just one character dies).

Apart from these new challenges, Cat Quest II‘s Mew World Update also has several tweaks and revamped gameplay mechanics. These include new water-based enemies, Royal Arts or special attacks depending on your equipped weapon, seeing various types of elemental damage that you deal, and, yes, even sprinting. The defense stat has also been revamped so you’ll now have tiny shield or armor pips next to your HP, and the inventory’s gotten an overhaul to make it easier to navigate and check an item’s rarity.

You can pick up Cat Quest II via Steam (it’s also got a 33% discount for the next 48 hours). If ever you need help on your journey, you can always check out our guides and features hub.

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