Update (Wed 15th Jul, 2020 16:30 BST): Route 59 Games has provided an update on the Switch edition of Necrobarista, confirming that it’s now scheduled to launch for the system in 2021.

A new trailer has been released today to celebrate the game’s launch on Steam next week. You can check that out above.

Discover a tale of mystery, magic, and, depending on who asks, the best/worst coffee around. Hidden in an unassuming alleyway lies The Terminal, a café that serves as a waypoint between the lands of the living and the dead, where any one of the patrons could be a spirit from beyond. With strict rules defining how long ghosts can spend in the corporeal realm before being forced to pass on, running this café is more complicated than your typical Melbourne coffeehouse.

Apprentice necromancer Maddy has just taken ownership of The Terminal and all its magical responsibilities. Follow her story and those of mechanics-obsessed teen Ashley, infamous Australian outlaw Ned Kelly, exasperated necromancer Chay, and a cast of other colorful characters through their dark pasts and the secrets behind the place linking them all together.

Original Article (Mon 13th Aug, 2018 17:15 BST): Route 59 Games has revealed a brand new trailer for its upcoming visual novel Necrobarista, a game headed to switch in “early 2019”.

In a magical Melbourne cafe, the dead have returned for one last night and one last cup of coffee. In this cel-shaded visual novel and adventure game hybrid, players are asked to take a break and enjoy a hot drink with a host of colourful characters – both living and dead. Dynamically-shot story vignettes set the scene, before allowing you to explore a supernatural setting in greater detail with 3D point-and-click adventure sessions.

The trailer certainly sets up what could be an interesting adventure to explore, but gameplay details are still rather few and far between this far away from the game’s launch. If the anime-inspired visuals have you intrigued, however, you might want to check out this feature list below.

– Stylised cinematic presentation inspired by anime aesthetics.
– Discover the world of fantasy Melbourne through dozens of intersecting stories.
– Explore the Terminal through free-roaming first-person scenes.
– Featuring Goon-sack robots, Alchemical coffee, and Ned Kelly.
– Soundtrack by Kevin Penkin, composer for Under the Dog, Norn9, and Made in Abyss.
– Multi-lingual support: English, Chinese, and Japanese.


Do you have any early impressions on this one that you’d like to share? Let us know your thoughts below.

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