We’ve been
journeying through the world of Pokémon for some time now, and with the
celebration of 25 years of Pokémon under way, this seems like a great time to
revisit some of the many regions that we’ve ventured to over the years. The
first stop is the recently visited Galar region, which debuted in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. Join us as we look back at some of the
most memorable moments of the Galar adventure.

  1. The Call of the Wild Area

  2. The First Stadium Battle

  3. Ball Guy, Our Spherical Chum

  4. This Mustard Is Spicy

  5. Legendary Pokémon Do Battle

  6. Honorable Mentions

The Call of the Wild Area

One of the Galar
region’s most notable sights, the wide-open Wild Area is unlike anything we’ve
seen in a Pokémon game before. Taking our first steps into this vast stretch of
land instantly filled us with a sense of wonder—so many places to explore, so
many patches of tall grass, so many large Pokémon freely wandering around, so
many different types of weather to navigate, so many Pokémon Dens shooting
pillars of light into the sky.

It’s almost a little
too much to take in at once, and progressing further in the game reveals the
Wild Area is even larger than it first appears. Longtime Pokémon fans might have
a chuckle when crossing the bridge at the Motostoke Riverbank: there’s often a
Snorlax hanging out nearby in what appears to be an homage to the Sleeping
Pokémon’s tendency to block bridges with its considerable girth.

With so much to see
and do, it’s no surprise that players will return to the Wild Area several times
during their quest.

The First Stadium Battle

Pokémon Gym battles
are always thrilling, but the excitement levels went through the roof when we took
on our first match in the Galar region’s Turffield Stadium. After a dramatic
walk down a hallway into the open arena, we were greeted by bright stadium lights,
a roaring crowd, and a cascade of camera flashes from the stands. When Milo strode
out to face us, we got the feeling that we were in for an epic battle.

Our suspicions were
confirmed once the action started and the intense, pulsating music began. Things
reached a fever pitch, though, when Milo Dynamaxed his Pokémon and we responded
in kind. The crowd began to chant along with the music as the Pokémon on the
field grew to monstrous sizes. Seeing the Pokémon towering over their Trainers
and the crowd showed just how massive this battle was.

Yes, we’ve taken on
many Gym battles during these past 25 years, but in the Galar region, they feel
like events.

Ball Guy, Our Spherical Chum

During our travels
through the Galar region, we met plenty of people. From titans of industry (like
Chairman Rose) to famous Gym Leaders to simple fishers, the people of Galar are
many and diverse. However, perhaps no citizen is more memorable than the
enigmatic Ball Guy. With a surprisingly fit physique and a costume that has a large,
bulbous head shaped like a Poké Ball, this cheerful character can be found near
the game’s multiple stadiums. Quite the sphere of influence!

Ball Guy is always
ready with some words of encouragement and a special gift—usually a scarce
variety of Poké Ball. Nobody knows Ball Guy’s true identity or intentions, but
it’s hard to argue with the enthusiasm and generosity that Ball Guy displays.

Each odd encounter
with this well-rounded mascot left us scratching our heads, but that’s kind of
the point, isn’t it?

This Mustard Is Spicy

When we arrived on
Isle of Armor via the Pokémon Sword Expansion Pass or the Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass, we
met the Dojo Master, Mustard. This former Galar region Champion has since
retired and now spends his days teaching others about the ways of Pokémon
battling. After we met the elderly Pokémon Trainer, he took us on as students,
tasking us to perform three trials to prove our worthiness.

After we completed
the trials, Mustard rewarded our efforts by gifting us a Kubfu. We could then
evolve the tiny Legendary Pokémon by winning a series of battles in either the
Tower of Waters or the Tower of Darkness. No matter which gauntlet we chose,
though, the final opponent would be Mustard himself. As we stepped out to face him,
it would have been easy to become overconfident based on the old man’s
appearance. He may seem well past his prime, and his cozy sweat suit gives him
a relaxed look, but there’s a reason he’s still called “Master.”

In a dramatic turn,
his cheerful grin melted away, a determined look furrowed his brow, and he
tossed aside his casual clothes to reveal an outfit worthy of a martial arts
master. And jeez, for an old dude, Mustard is cut. Forget Pokémon
battles—Mustard looks like he could stop a charging Copperajah with his bare
hands. The sudden shift in Mustard’s character is equal parts humorous and
intimidating, making this battle truly memorable.

Legendary Pokémon Do Battle

Crown Tundra
is the second
half of the Pokémon Sword Expansion Pass and
the Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass,
and in it, we encountered all sorts of Legendary Pokémon from throughout the Pokémon
series’ history. But we weren’t necessarily prepared for when we approached the
large tree on Dyna Tree Hill. As we got close, we witnessed the Galarian forms
of Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres having a… Let’s say they were having a
“disagreement.” The three Legendary Pokémon engaged in a brief yet
action-packed battle until they were distracted by the sound of our Rotom
Phone. This broke them out of their squabble and sent them heading off in three
different directions.

Getting to see
Pokémon—especially powerful Legendary Pokémon—interact with each other in the
wild without human interference is a rare treat, and this little tiff (if something
filled with fiery blasts and beams of psychic energy can be called a “little
tiff”) left us yearning for more. Their interrupted battle serves a purpose,
too. After the trio flees, players can then track them down throughout the
Galar region in hopes of catching them.

Honorable Mentions

Those are certainly
some very memorable moments from the Galar region, but there were a couple of other
cool experiences that we just couldn’t let go without a mention. After all, who
can forget the dramatic appearance of the Legendary Pokémon Zacian and
Zamazenta as they arrived just in the nick of time to assist in the battle
against the powered-up Eternamax Eternatus? It’s an inspiring moment that
should get any fan cheering.

And the imposing
scale of large Pokémon is seldom shown as effectively as it was when we first
arrived on the Isle of Armor and glanced out into the ocean to discover a
gigantic Wailord looming on the horizon. And yes, players can ride their Rotom
Bike out to the Float Whale Pokémon for a close encounter.

This is just the beginning of our tour back through the world of Pokémon’s many regions. Check back soon—we’ll be heading for the Alola region as we continue to celebrate 25 years of Pokémon!

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