The Pokémon Trading
Card Game continues its journey through the Galar region in the latest
expansion, Sword &
Shield—Darkness Ablaze
. This new collection of cards introduces more
powerful Pokémon V and Pokémon VMAX that will have your opponents trembling in
fear. Take a closer look at some of the awesome cards that you’ll be able to
find in the Sword & Shield—Darkness
expansion when it arrives on August 14, 2020.

This Gigantamax version of Centiskorch certainly looks
intimidating, and rightfully so. Not only does it have an incredible 320 HP,
but its G-Max Centiferno attack has the potential to do massive damage to your
opponent’s Pokémon. The attack only requires two Colorless Energy, but you
should attach Fire Energy for that cost—you see, for each Fire Energy attached,
the attack does an extra 40 damage on top of the initial 40 damage. Not only
that, but if the attack does damage, you can attach another Fire Energy from
your discard pile to Centiskorch VMAX, so it can hit even harder next turn!

It might seem a little odd seeing a Slowbro looking this
angry, but Galarian Slowbro V has the chops to back up that fierce expression.
With 210 HP, it can take a few lumps, and when it’s in your Active Spot, its
Rapid-Fire Poison Ability allows you to make your opponent’s Active Pokémon
Poisoned once per turn. On top of that, Galarian Slowbro V’s Tripping Shot
attack can hit for a respectable 130 damage while also preventing your
opponent’s Pokémon from retreating during their next turn.

Galarian Darmanitan isn’t a Pokémon V or a Pokémon VMAX, but
it can still be a valuable member of your team. Although this Pokémon is a Fire
type, its Frozen Heat attack requires two Water Energy (plus an additional
Colorless Energy). The attack does 110 damage to start with, and you can add 60
more by discarding all of Galarian Darmanitan’s attached Water Energy.

Rose is the chairman of the Galar Pokémon League, so it’s
fitting to see him standing in a stadium on his Pokémon TCG card. If you have
Pokémon VMAX in your deck, you might want to have a few Rose cards at your
disposal. This Supporter card allows you to attach up to 2 basic Energy cards
from your discard pile to 1 of your Pokémon VMAX. The trade-off, however, is
that doing so forces you to discard your hand. Even so, if properly played,
Rose could really boost your team’s strength (just imagine how he could help
Centiskorch VMAX).

Does that Rose card sound fantastic except for that whole
“discard your hand” thing? Well, the Rose Tower card is here to help! With this
Stadium in play, you can draw cards until you have three cards in your hand
once per turn. So, feel free to use Rose to power up your Pokémon VMAX—you’ll
be able to get three new cards into your hand immediately through the effect of
Rose Tower. Where you take your game from there is up to you (and the luck of
the draw), but you can be comfortable knowing you’ll have some options at your

Check back in later as we reveal more of the incredible
cards you’ll find in Pokémon TCG: Sword
& Shield—Darkness Ablaze
and be ready when the expansion releases on August 14, 2020.

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