Clash Quest is a brand new puzzle battle game from the world of ‘Clash of Clans’  as created by uber Finnish developer Supercell. Unveiled as part of a trio of new ‘Clash’ titles on April 2nd 2021, the game is already pretty far into development, but as yet has no launch date. Here’s what we know so far.


The game has been developed by the core Helsinki team and brings familiar Clash characters into a new grid-based battle game that looks reminiscent of the likes of  Legend of Solgard and possibly with nods also to the likes of Puzzles & Dragons, Empires & Puzzles, but looks to play slightly differently.


The game is spread across levels set on different islands of an Archipelago and in each level, you will have your own army of Clash giants, archers, princes and more facing off against a preset enemy line up (also including some familiar looking faces such as canons and skeletons).

Players drop their Clash troops into a grid and then trigger them to perform an attack. They can do this one-by-one, but the real powerful attacks will be achieved by combining units in combinations in a more familiar ‘match 3’ style formula.

Players will have a finite army to clear each level and it appears can grow the strength of the squad through a mixture of unlocking/grinding and no doubt purchasing both units and special power-up items for them.
Whilst only a handful of characters have been showcased from initial footage, there’s clearly potential to add more from the familiar universe.

Dev Says

“The inspiration for Clash Quest actually came from the individual characters. Each character has their unique way of behaving or attacking and we felt like there was an opportunity to create a totally new type of experience around those characters and provide a new challenge for the players”

“One of the things that were really excited to bring to the players are bosses. In Clash Royale and Clash of Clans, there aren’t villains or bosses and our game has that”

“One other thing that’s new to the Universe is items. Each item triggers a bit differently. For some items you need to activate a big combo to get the item power, some are more passive. For example, the Prince has an item that does big damage when you have 5 princes, so you need to use these in a smart way”

“We wanted to simplify the characters so you can more easily read them…when you see the game I think it’s clearly a clash game. There’s a good mix of familiar as well as new elements’


The characters look totally familiar, but slightly compacted, cuter versions of the units we know from previous games – think ‘Funko Popped’ and you’ll be on the right lines. Some are more evil ‘enemy’ versions of familiar favourites that bring to mind Mario enemies.

New Features

Obviously, the gameplay is new and feels like a fresh take on the ‘match-3’ battler titles.
The presence of ‘enemies’ and especially boss characters are something that’s brand new to the Clash universe. Expect to see giant variations on familiar tribes and whole new opposition characters.

Predicted Release Date
The video shown is described as ‘Early Development Footage’, but the fact that they revealed this game publicly and the diversity of levels suggests it’s a fair way along. We’d say that a summer/autumn 2021 release (in soft launch at least) is likely at this point.

Anticipation Level
Come on, this is Supercell we’re talking about! They just don’t make bad games – even the ones they end up killing off early have looked very promising. Excitement is a super High 9/10.

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