Spry Fox has released a major update for its cute life sim game Cozy Grove on all platforms including iOS via Apple Arcade.

The new update for Cozy Grove is called the Summer Update and brings in with it a whole plethora of new features, improvements and fixes.

One such new feature is critter-catching, where the warm weather has brought out a population of bugs and other critters that you can now catch using a net. Try and collect them all and sell them for a reasonable price.
There’s also a bunch of new decorations and clothing being added to Cozy Grove to add a new degree of customisation to your character. Some of these items are tied to seasonal events which will become available in the future.

Perhaps the one feature I’m most excited about though? You can now hug a bear. It’s not a necessary part of the game and you’re never required to do it as part of a quest or activity, you can just hug them because you want to. You can check out the patch notes for everything added to Cozy Grove in the latest update on this blog post right here. Cozy Grove released for iOS via Apple Arcade as well as on PC and consoles earlier this year.

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