Crapshoot: Pyst, the parody of Myst they really called 'Pyst'

Crapshoot: Pyst, the parody of Myst they really called ‘Pyst’

From 2010 to 2014 Richard Cobbett wrote Crapshoot, a column about rolling the dice to bring random obscure games back into the light. This time it’s the piss-take of Myst they really called Pyst.

Myst, as everyone who ignores people who are wrong can tell you, is a festering boil on the gaming industry found just off to the side of adventuring’s anus on the itchiest part of point-and-click’s clammiest buttock. It landed in 1993, with its pretty graphics instantly bedazzling all who gazed on it, especially those who found a copy stuffed with their first CD drive or nestled in the packaging of their printer for reasons that still escape all comprehension. To this day, it has armies of admirers. Unrelated, there are millions of people whose idea of a good time is watching obese members of the opposite sex bathing in porridge to the tunes of Barry Manilow. Probably. In conclusion, Myst is rubbish.

But did you ever wonder what happened to scenic Myst Island after some four million players had tramped across it? Of course not. But if you had, Pyst might just have been your answer…

Ignoring a few shout-outs here and there, direct parody has never been a big part of the gaming world. A few games will poke at their genres, as The Bard’s Tale tried to do for RPG, a few take a light-hearted look at a type of story, as with No-One Lives Forever, but it’s incredibly rare to see a game that straps one of its contemporaries into a chair for even the lightest, friendliest kind of gumming.

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