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This CS:GO Explained video gives a detailed tutorial on the online game modes in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. This game is available for PC, Xbox and Playstation. It is a first person shooter video game that is a part of the Counter Strike series. For the most part, it is only third person except for a few weapons with scopes.

The game itself has gotten very popular recently on Steam and other platforms. It’s a very fast paced game and is competitive. The game also integrates with Steam Workshop to create some awesome community made content. There are also many written tutorials and guides to follow as well.

CS:GO Game Modes:
Deathmatch – All weapons available in a timed game. Earn points with each kill. Team with the most points will win the game.

Arms Race – Each kill gives you a gun upgrade. There are a total of 27 weapon upgrades. The first person to cycle through all the weapons wins.

Demolition – Setup and plant a bomb against the defending team. Have it go off to win.

Casual – Each kill and round win gets you money which can be spend on guns. Once again uses the bomb diffuse mission.

Competitive – 5v5 match with 30 rounds. First team to get 16 wins.

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