Updated 02.04.2020

Cubether is now available for purchase from the App Store. It’s priced at $1.99/£1.99.

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Developer Michal Barszczewski’s Cubether is a minimalist, tranquil puzzler that tasks you with learning its rules and solving its many cube-based challenges. It’s said to focus on player discovery, meaning you shouldn’t go in expecting an extensive tutorial. This one’s heading towards launch for iOS on March 20th. 

The levels are “properly constructed” to familiarise you with the various mechanics, teaching you the rules one by one until you grow to master them. You’ll survey everything available to you in a given level, then establish how best to progress.

While it will no doubt prove quite tricky for some, Cubether also offers a relaxing, meditative experience thanks to its deliberate pacing, calming score, and satisfying sound effects. But don’t get too chilled out – any particularly daft moves may cause you to have to restart the stage.

Every cube here moves in its own way, and you’ll often have to use them in combination with one another to succeed. Two cubes of the same colour can be combined to create one medium-sized cube, while combining three small cubes will get you a single large cube. This can then be used to activate the exit platform in each level.
A word of warning, though: It’s not always in your best interest to rapidly merge your cubes. This is because creating larger cubes may make it impossible to move smaller cubes around to their correct position.

Following the development of Barszczewski’s last game, Theo Space Miner, they wanted to try something a little different, something that could allow them a moment to relax. And here’s the end result: Cubether, now available for pre-order from the App Store. It’s a premium title without any ads or IAPs, and I’d recommend you give the trailer a watch to get a sense of its atmosphere and chilled vibe.
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