Motion Twin and Evil Empire’s Dead Cells has been a great addition to the roguelike and Metroidvania genres. With its gorgeous art direction, moody atmosphere, awesome combat, and stellar platforming, there is plenty to love about the game. Following its first paid DLC, The Bad Seed, in February, more content is coming to Dead Cells with the new Bestiary Update.

More awesome content

Now live on PC, this new update will add even more enemies for you to slay. You’ll also find new affixes for skills, extra outfits, and more. Plus, achievement hunters can look forward to unlocking more triumphs. In total, Dead Cells will have six new foes awaiting you, with three being biome-specific. You’ll find the others at various levels at different Boss Cells.

Additionally, there are now 11 new affixes for active skills. These include ice, fire, bleed, poison, grenade arrows, and more. Alongside eight new normal affixes, three starred affixes have also been added. The first gives players deployable traps that spread oil and fire when destroyed. Another lets you push enemies around when the effect of the active skill ends. And the third extends the duration of powers like Wings of the Crow or Smokebomb to make life easier.

Dead Cells‘ Bestiary Update will add new items, too. The Crowbar is a fast brutality weapon that dishes out a crit after breaking a door or a breakable prop. Players can also use a portable door that can act as rear protection and can even stun foes when you turn around. The update also updates The Bad Seed with new lore rooms and secrets for the Arboretum and the Morass, as well as new mobs to re-balance the bestiary of the level.

Looking good while slaying is all part of the job too. Three new outfits will become available, with two linked to the secrets of The Bad Seed. The last is available for everyone who “can rise up to the ultimate challenge.”

Make sure to check out the full patch notes for all the details. There’s a lot of fun content coming for this great game. And now is a perfect time to enjoy the kind of enjoyment that only Dead Cells can provide.

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