Death Come True, the super promising FMV adventure game, finally has a confirmed release date for iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch. A large part of what makes this one so intriguing is that it was written by Danganronpa creator Kazutaka Kodaka.

It’s a murder mystery set inside a strange hotel with even stranger guests. You play as an amnesiac serial killer who has no memory of his dreadful deeds. He wakes up, discovers that he’s being hunted by police, then races to uncover the truth.

Discovering you’re a serial killer must be the worst possible news to have dropped on you, but things only get worse from there, with the lead soon realising that he’s gained the ability to ‘time leap’ back to the past. There is, however, one major downside to his newfound power – he has to die in order for it to trigger.

It’s an ideal core mechanic for a choose-your-adventure game such as this, and it’s one that’s been explored by other titles in the past, including Life is Strange. That said, I have no doubt that Kodaka will put a very fresh spin on things.
The game will support 10 different languages at launch: Japanese, English, Spanish, Spanish (Latin America), French, German, Italian, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Korean, and Thai.

Death Come True will arrive globally for iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch on June 25th, and it’ll be priced at 1,960 Japanese yen, which is roughly $18.00. That seems about right given the pricing of the recently released Danganronpa Anniversary Edition. Dave reviewed the port at launch, calling it “an excellent adventure that’s worth your time”, before awarding it an impressive Silver Rating.
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