Deep Rock Galactic's new biome update makes now a great time to hit the mines

Deep Rock Galactic’s new biome update makes now a great time to hit the mines

I’m already dreading going back to Hollow Bough. Deep Rock Galactic can be foreboding in general—it’s a co-op multiplayer game about fighting giant bugs in dark, underground caverns, lit only by flares and flashlights. But one of two new biomes coming to the game next week, Hollow Bough, adds sentient, thorny vines to the mix. I genuinely jumped the first time I drilled through a wall and saw a vine undulating at the corner of my screen before jabbing me right in the face. I’m gonna need a better flashlight.

I’ve only been playing Deep Rock Galactic for a month or so, but with its latest update out soon, this feels like a great time to start. The mining game has had a set of eight biomes since it left Early Access last May, and update 33 adds Hollow Bough and Azure Weald, both of which are significantly different from any other area in the game. Some of the existing biomes feel like classic videogame environments: You’ve got the green Fungus Bogs, the frozen Glacial Strata, the fiery Magma Core. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s clear that the extra time Deep Rock’s developers had to prototype and design these new areas let them be more creative.

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