Earlier today, two all-new Doctor Who games were announced in an update post over on developer Maze Theory’s official site. They’re part of a planned trilogy that includes VR title Doctor Who: The Edge of Time, which you might remember launched late last year on Steam and PSVR.

One of the new games will be a console and PC release, while the other is described as a “horror/sci-fi mobile phone takeover game” made in partnership with acclaimed developer Kaigan Games.

Yes, that’s the same Kaigan Games who brought us the excellent SIMULACRA series and Sara is Missing. The studio is a master of handheld horror, and I reckon the team there are just about the most interesting pick possible to lead a Doctor Who mobile game.

According to the official post, “fans can expect new adventures, new game mechanics, intriguing subplots and iconic features such as the TARDIS, terrifying Weeping Angels, imposing Daleks and – of course – the chance to collude with the Doctor herself.”

That’s obviously a lot to take in, and I’m sure fans will be chuffed to hear that both games are currently slated to launch early next year. Not long at all, really.

Maze Theory’s expansion has been made possible thanks to several grants from, among other sources, the UK Creative Content EIS Fund in association with the British Film Institute. This will allow the team to “develop multi-tech, gaming experiences for fans of popular franchises Doctor Who and Peaky Blinders.” The Peaky Blinders game in question is another VR title, named Peaky Blinders – The King’s Ransom. It’s also set to launch next year. 

Oh, and if you haven’t played any of Kaigan’s earlier releases, I’d strongly advise you fix that asap. The original SIMULACRA would make for a great starting point. 
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