Door Kickers 2 gets a surprise launch after fan demands 'release the damn game'

Door Kickers 2 gets a surprise launch after fan demands ‘release the damn game’

Door Kickers 2, the sequel to the “difficult, rewarding” tactical puzzle game we scored 84/100 back in 2014, was announced in early 2016, with a release expected later that same year, or perhaps in early 2017. Instead, it was “re-announced” in February 2020, with an Early Access launch slated for sometime in the spring. That didn’t happen either.

Finally, yesterday, Steam user Mind_Link ran out of patience. “Release the damn game!!” they demanded. In response, developer KillHouse Games said, “Okay,” and then it did.

(Image credit: Killhouse Games)

Like its predecessor, Door Kickers 2: Task Force North is a top-down, real-time tactics game that gives players near-complete freedom of movement and action. But instead of militarized police, you’ll be deploying the US military this time around, beginning with the US Army Rangers, who are off to conduct operations in the fictional (but still specifically Middle Eastern) nation of Nowheraki. The new theater and forces will enable more aggressively violent action, with threats including booby traps, suicide bombers, and RPGs, which can be countered with “toys” including light machine guns, drones, night-vision goggles, and wall breaching charges.

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