Hey, today we are going over a NEW Patch 1.05 RUNE Exploit on Elden Ring! 20 Million Runes Up to! You are going to be able to Level Up Fast! And be able to do this Early Game! NO AFK! The Best Rune Farming Glitch! After Patch 1.05.

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In 2020, I discovered glitches like Unlimited Brahmin/Collectron Glitch, Unlimited XP Glitch, Duplication Glitch with Items, Camp Objects Dupes and many other discoveries. I have been glitching games since i played Tony Hawk: American Wasteland, which that is long ago when the game was released. You could say i am glitching enthusiast. If you are fan of glitching games for you can join our Discord down below. If you have not already turn on notification by clicking the 🔔 Bell icon and Subscribe.

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