A little while ago, we published a beginners tips guide to #EldenRing – what we didn’t realise though, was that for some these tips weren’t beginner enough. If this is your first From Software game, a lot of the most basic systems here are not obvious at all. So, Aoife Wilson is stripping it right back to the very beginning for anyone who might be struggling still. This is Elden Ring for Dummies – that is, anyone who just needs a bit of a helping hand from someone in the know, explaining the things that From Software didn’t. We cover attributes, levelling, weapon scaling, equip loads, magic use, invincibility frames, Spirit Summons, the HUD, flasks, item crafting AND MORE. Let us know if you have any further questions in the comments! #Eurogamer #EldenRingforDummies

00:00 – Intro
00:51 – Finding the Tutorial
01:41 – Stats & Attributes
03:43 – Usage requirements & Weapon scaling
05:28 – Vigor & Endurance
07:28 – Your Equip Load
09:08 – How Magic Works
10:16 – Memorising Spells
11:30 – Wielding Magic
12:33 – Map Fragments
13:38 – How to Find Torrent
14:08 – How to Unlock Spirit Summons
14:43 – How to Summon Spirit Ashes
15:23 – How to Upgrade Spirit Ashes
16:01 – Turning on the HUD
16:26 – Using Your Quick Slots
17:08 – How to Use & Upgrade Your Flasks
17:52 – Item Crafting & Cookbooks
19:17 – Saving & Quitting the Game
20:24 – How Multiplayer Works
21:51 – Outro and Part 2?

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