Elden Ring released to some of the highest critical praise and sales numbers of any game in recent memory. FromSoftware has had a long history of creating phenomenal games with their Souls Like genre that spans from Demons Souls, Dark Souls 1,2,3, Bloodborne, and Sekiro. Now with the release of Elden Ring it is the first time we have gotten to see FromSoft’s take on an openworld setting for one of their games and the end result is one of the greatest video games ever created. Well at least if you aren’t an angry man child who rage quit the game after 5 minutes which leads us to the topic of today’s video. We are going to be looking at a video from a ‘Video game Reviewer’ who is proclaiming that Elden Ring Sucks and Elden Ring is Too Hard because he died and got stuck after playing the game for only 5 minutes. there has been a long history of people begging fromsoft for an easy mode in games like Dark Souls ever since the series has become more mainstream because rather than actually learning how to play the game they would rather have their hand held.

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