Elgato announces new Light Strip and Wave Panels for the home creator

Elgato announces new Light Strip and Wave Panels for the home creator

Elgato, one of the largest names in content creation peripherals, has bolstered its product lineup once again. The company announced on Thursday the release of two new products aimed at improving the home studio: Elgato Light Strip and Elgato Wave Panels.

The Elgato Wave Panels feature two-layer foam designed to reduce both room reverb and echo. The panels come in a hexagonal shape, and snap together with the company’s proprietary EasyClick Frames. To mount them on the wall, the panels come with both adhesive strips and screws with wall anchors. This gives you the option to go a more temporary or permanent route with your placement.


Each panel is 19.33 x 16.77 x 1.85 inches in size, and weighs just 8.8 ounces, each. Adding the frame brings the total weight per constructed panel to 10.6 ounces. With your six panel starter kit, you can cover 10.3 square feet of your wall. The panels come in either black or white, and can be purchased in packs of six for $100.

Light up your new studio with Elgato

If the Wave Panels weren’t enough for you, the Elgato Light Strip wants to add even more aesthetics to your set up. At a high level, the Light Strip is just a set of RGB LED lights. But, like other Elgato lighting products, is designed to work within the full Elgato ecosystem.

Each Light Strip features 108 RGBWW LEDs, and includes dedicated warm and cool white LEDs. The lights can be controlled via a companion app for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, and output up to 2,000 lumens in color temperature. Those of you with a Stream Deck will be able to have instant lighting control as well as audio-visual automation automatically integrated via a software update.

(credit: Elgato)

The strip itself is 78.74 inches in length and sits just .11 inches high. For remote control, it utilizes a standard 2.4 GHz, 802.11 b/g/n wireless connection, and uses up to 30W in power.

The Elgato Light Strip retails for $60, and is available, along with the Wave Panels, worldwide.

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