Update: The Japanese and US eShop list Game Builder Garage as requiring just 995 MB of space. It seems the American web page might have included the wrong file size information. If we hear anything else, we’ll update this post.

Nintendo has just announced Game Builder Garage for the Switch. As you might have already noticed, it’s powered by the Labo creator tool. There’ll also be mouse support when playing in docked mode, which should be handy.

So, what else do we know? Well, the game will be receiving a retail release (as you can see below), and according to the official website, the digital version from the eShop will require 10.5 GB of space on the Switch.

Game Builder Garage

As previously revealed, Game Builder Garage will be released on 11th June for $29.99 USD or your regional equivalent and is all about learning to make games from the minds at Nintendo.

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