If you have a hankering for a space shooter, perhaps the recent Early Access release of Everspace 2 will fill that void. This brand of fast-paced single-player action from Rockfish Games features deep exploration, tons of loot, RPG elements, mining, and crafting. All in all, it’s definitely worth a look. However, in case you were worried about the future of the game, relax. Rockfish Games is certainly in it for the long haul, and a new development roadmap has been revealed for Everspace 2. This follows after the latest patch to drop for the game.

For starters, April will mark the first continuation of the story. This means a selection of new missions will arrive in the game. Players can also look forward to new activities, mini-missions, and even challenges along the way.


The Everspace 2 roadmap also pencils in an overhaul to game balancing, which should get players excited.

The addition of two new fighters in the forms of the Light Fighter Vanguard and Heavy Fighter Bomber should excite some folks. A new companion will also join in the fun.

Moving forward, summer is also looking good for Everspace 2Head into the Eye of the Storm and investigate the shady business of Grady and Brunt further. As with the April update, there will more missions involved. Rockfish Games is also increasing the player level cap to give you more incentive to play.

The summer milestone of the Everspace 2 roadmap will also see a new companion. The third system of Zharkov will be implemented as well. Expect to fight new enemy types, explore new natural phenomena, and discover new creatures.

Rockfish Games Details Ships, Systems, And More In Everspace 2 Roadmap (2)

Year-long work

Fall is not looking too shabby either. A treasure hunt awaits as the mystery of The Ancients gets revealed. Khait Nebula will be the fourth System added, alongside a new companion and the addition of fast travel. Player level cap will be increased yet again.

Furthermore, two new fighter subclasses for the Light and Heavy Fighters are incoming. This will be accompanied by more mission content.

More is on the way for Everspace 2but the roadmap is already quite generous. The 12 to 18 months of Early Access will fly by if Rockfish Games can keep up this content pipeline.

Rockfish Games Details Ships, Systems, And More In Everspace 2 Roadmap (4)

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