exclusive first 15 minutes of gameplay

exclusive first 15 minutes of gameplay

Last month we sat down with David Fenner, writer and director of the upcoming tech-noir mystery game, The Signifier from developer Playme Studio and publisher Raw Fury. During that interview we were guided through the first section of the game as we explored the game’s world, background, and mechanics. Today, we have an exclusive look at the first 15 minutes of The Signifier gameplay courtesy of the developer.

The world of The Signifier takes place in the not too distant future where incredible advances in AI and brain scanning technology have been made. To help regulate this new technology, a government organization known as the Technology Safeguard Bureau (TSB) has been established.

You play the role of Frederick Russell, a scientist who has developed a machine called the “Dreamwalker,” a device that allows someone to access the memories of another person. Because of how radical his technology is, and how it could be used in the wrong hands, Frederick makes a deal with the TSB to work with them when they need it to keep his research going. It isn’t an ideal situation, but it is the best he can do.

The inciting incident of the game’s story is the death of Johanna Kast, the vice president of a huge tech corporation named Go-AT. The police think it is a suicide, but your TSB contact thinks otherwise. It is up to Frederick to find out what happened by going into her memories before she died. Before he knows it, he is embroiled in an ever deepening mystery and conspiracy that could threaten everything he has worked for. You can watch how he tackles his first mission below in the first 15 minutes of The Signifier.

What secrets lie within the mind?

During the game, you will enter locations in the real world as well as the minds of others. Switching between objective memories of sight and sound, and subjective memories full of emotion and the subconscious. The game has a big focus on psychoanalysis, and players will have to think outside of the box to get to the bottom of this mystery. The Signifier releases this Thursday, October 15 on PC and Mac, and you can wishlist the game on Steam right now.

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