Fallen of the Round, which was originally announced to be releasing on iOS last week, has been delayed until 22nd April so developer Hideki Hanida can finish polishing the game and add the finishing touches to it. It is currently available for pre-order on the iOS App Store.

Fallen of the Round is a dungeon roguelike featuring realistic 3D graphics where every unit looks like a real miniature you might find in Games Workshop or a similar retailer. These units traverse in giant dungeon areas in the same style, where your goal is to fight monsters that are found in these locations.

Combat is obviously important for a game such as this, but it’s relatively easy to understand. Involving a lot of strategic deck building, you place your pawns and aim them at the enemy to attack. Where you can position them depends on what the characteristics of each class are, and it is important for you to find the right spot to place them as it can determine how well your attacks lead.
Winning every battle thrown at you means you can grab new pawns and upgrade them to be much stronger, which will help you through some of the later areas. If you collect three of the same unit, you can increase its rank and equip it with new skills that will give you a much bigger edge in combat.

In the end, the right mixture of skills and classes massively affects the strength of your party, making this the perfect game for anyone who is a fan of tabletop gaming, miniatures, and strategy video games.

You can download Fallen of the Round when it hits the iOS App Store later this month on 22nd April. You can prepurchase it for £2.99.
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