Fantasian is an upcoming RPG that’s set to arrive for Apple Arcade in the coming weeks. It’s been developed by Mistwalker Corp, which includes Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi who has penned the game’s story whilst Final Fantasy composer, Nobuo Uematsu has created the soundtrack.

The game makes use of a beautiful backdrop that has been created by using over 150 handmade dioramas. It gives the game a very unique look, which you can check out in the embedded trailers below. One talks about the story of Fantasian whilst the second discusses the game’s features.

These miniature sets have been created by special effects industry veterans, including folks who have previously worked on the likes of the Godzilla films, Attack on Titan, and Ultraman. Fantasia undeniably had an all-star team working on all aspects of it then.

The gameplay, meanwhile, looks to bring several quality of life improvements to the usual set up you’ll be familiar with if you’ve played many JRPGs. For instance, there is a system called the Dimengeon Battle mechanic. This allows you to send previously encountered enemies into another dimension dungeon which will lead to uninterrupted exploration before vanquishing them all at once later on.

You will play as Leo, who awakens at the start of the game only able to recall one memory. He’ll set off to try and reclaim the ones he has lost whilst looking to unravel the mystery of the mechanical infection that’s slowly taking over this multi-dimensional universe. 

Fantasian will eventually be available through Apple Arcade, a subscription service that costs $4.99 per month. For more information on other games that are available in its extensive library, check out our dedicated hub page.
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