Far: Lone Sails is an atmospheric and strange adventure game heading to iOS & Android later this year

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Keep an Eye on Your Energy

This is probably the most important aspect of Far: Lone Sails. Your mysterious vessel requires energy to keep it going, pretty much like gas. This energy essentially looks like water though. It’s highly critical to try and maintain your vehicle’s energy throughout your journey.

You will run out of it a lot so just keep that in mind. In order to restore energy, you’ll need to obtain some boxes that usually pop up on the path. Right from the jump, you’ll find one near a building when you start out. From there, there should be groups of them on your path.

You’ll need to grab these boxes and place them in a room in the rear of the vessel. Jump and hit the button in the room and a little platform will lift the box up and will take its energy contents to use for the vehicle. Certain boxes contain a certain amount of energy so sometimes, two small boxes will fill it up while specialty containers will fill it up entirely in one use. So collect as many boxes as you can and store them in different rooms in the vessel. There are little hangers where you can put them up.

Take Advantage of Your Brakes

When driving your vehicle, you’ll need to refuel on energy as we talked about. This means that you’ll need to stop in order to do this obviously. If you’re quick enough though, you can refill the energy while the vessel is in motion and you can keep things going. 

However, if this isn’t something you feel like doing and you want to take your time, then you’ll need to stop the vessel and there’s a nice brake button right above the accelerator. Hit this button to put it to a complete halt where you may be. 

If you don’t, you’ll easily see your vehicle slowly start to go backward and go forward on it own. That’s why it’s important to brake. It already moves slow enough and takes a short while to really get going so the last thing you want to do is have it go backward, wasting energy in the process. So definitely make use of the lovely brake, OK? 

Pull Your Vehicle

It’s totally understandable if you want to save some of your energy boxes in Far: Lone Sails. One way you can do that is by heading outside to the front of your vehicle. There will be a rope that you can pull on and this will let you move forward without using any energy.

You will move considerably slower of course, but it’s a great way to save some boxes and possibly grab a few more while you’re pulling the large vessel (oh wow, look how strong you are). Each energy box is precious, so if you feel like you’re low on them, head on out and pull away. 

It’s clever that this was a feature that was included in the game. Instead of getting yourself into a panic because you’re out of energy, you can just use your strength and pull away until you find some boxes. You can also just run out of the vessel and go off on your own but you won’t be able to go super far. That said, it might just be far enough for you to see those wonderful little boxes. 

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