There have been a good amount of firefighting games over the years. Most tend to try to be an arcadey game about putting out fires, while others go for more of a simulator approach. Fire Commander, however, is a real-time strategy game that sees players commanding squads of firefighters to take on blazes. If this sounds up your alley, then you’re in luck. Fire Commander launches today on Steam. That being said, the game isn’t live at the time of writing, but will be sometime today. There isn’t a pre-order option, but the game can be added to your Steam wishlist if you’d like to be alerted to its release.

Fire Commander has you commanding a fire station across more than 30 missions that have a variety of parameters. You fight fires, sure, but you also rescue people and grab valuables before the fire makes doing so impossible. And fires aren’t the only threat, as players must also contend with toxic spills and other hazards.


Your firefighting unit can make use of different vehicles and equipment based on need. Plus, members of units all have different classes and specializations, requiring you to pick the best folks for the job as you head out to the scene.

Fight fire with water

While playing, there are also multiple things to take into account when dealing with fires. Materials have different combustion temperatures, plus smoke and backdrafts have to be taken into account in order to minimize the dangers as much as possible. Individual crew members can have their skills increased either via training sessions or out in the field, so they can be further specialized for certain roles. Fire Commander is selling for $14.99 USD, but launches with a 15% discount. It’s a pretty affordable game for anyone who wants to give a firefighting RTS a fair shake.

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