Flyff Universe, Gala Lab’s remake of the classic 2005 MMO launched about a month ago and was welcomed with open arms. In a span of about just 28 days, the game has already amassed over 800,000 players. To celebrate this milestone achievement, the developers have released a roadmap for upcoming updates. Madrigal is preparing for the summer season with a refreshed Azria region, a new high-level dungeon, and lots of adorable pets to raise. The first part of the summer roadmap is revamped Azria continent. The entire map has been made once again for Flyff Universe and it looks so much better. The graphical fidelity has been significantly improved with much better effects like a new blizzard weather feature. Azria will now be part of the Madrigal continent and players will be able to do much more as there are new questlines and stories to explore while jamming to new soundtracks. The maximum endgame level has also been bumped up to allow high-level players to boost their stats even more.

Next up is the Volkane Dungeon, which has also been remade. This new map, like Azria, features graphical improvements like ash weather effects and hot lava pools to watch out for, alongside some fiery music. Once again, new quests will be available with the fearsome Red Meteronyker boss waiting at the end. The dungeon will have high-level Bloody equipment up for grabs as well. Finally, Flyff Universe is introducing a new pet raising system. Players will soon find novel pet skin, harvesting, and candy crafting systems with penya skins to keep swapping.
All of these inclusions will make the remake even better. Players can enjoy the dog days in Flyff Universe and start playing now for free by visiting the game’s official website. No downloads are required as you can play the game from within your phone’s browser.
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