Everyone has their favorite Mass Effect companions. Personally, I liked to roll with Wrex and Zaeed; others prefer Jack, Legion, or Thane. There are probably even a few who have fond memories of poor Jacob. There’s only one companion who seems to have universal appeal: Brave, tragic former lawman Garrus Vakarian.

It all seems obvious now—Garrus took an easy first place in our Mass Effect companions ranking (opens in new tab), Garrus body pillows are not just real (opens in new tab) but really hard to keep in stock (opens in new tab), and the page URL for our deep-dive into why he’s so great is literally, uhh, “garrus-vakarian-smooches (opens in new tab).” But that wasn’t always the case. In fact, Drew Karpyshyn, the lead writer on the first two Mass Effect games, said during an AMA on Reddit (opens in new tab) that nobody saw the deep Garrus thirst coming.

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