Fortnite’s No Sweat Summer event for this year has just wrapped up and without a break, it’s time to hop into the next one. While this one doesn’t directly relate to the battle royale itself, it still bears ties as it is part of Epic Games’ awesome portfolio. In case you haven’t heard, Rocket League, Epic’s super popular arcade-style vehicular soccer game has begun its World Championship.

But how does Fortnite tie into the picture? Well, the battle royale has been known to host a lot of in-game screenings and Rocket League’s World Championship will receive the same treatment as players will be able to enjoy matches on the big in-game screen while also earning rewards during the break. From today August 9th to 11th, the stream will begin at 11:30 am ET while between August 12th and 14th it will kick off at 11 am ET. In case you thought that it was going to be pretty boring just watching matches and doing nothing, worry not, Epic has more planned. Before the game begins, players must choose a team to support. Every time that team scores a goal, players win power-ups. They will come into play when the Rocket League match ends as this will be followed by a Team Rumble in Fortnite. Players from the winning team will automatically drop in with upgraded weapons to turn the tide in their favour.

That’s not even all as Fortnite players can receive a bunch of in-game rewards by completing various quests. Finishing them all will grant players the Rocket League Trophy Back Bling, Regal Rocket Glider, and Nice Shot! Emoticon, and the Golden Goal Spray. Finally, those playing Rocket League can get their hands on another set of rewards by entering the code RocketLeagueLive in-game.

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