Including full 17-minute I Have a Dream speech. 

Fortnite has announced March Through Time, a new interactive experience built within the game’s Creative Mode in collaboration with Time Magazine.

The experience recreates locations in Washington DC, where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave the iconic I Have a Dream speech almost 60 years ago this week.

Exploring March Through Time will let you listen to the speech in full, and visit museum exhibit-like areas of interest with further historical detail on the US civil rights movement.

On the one hand, it’s jarring to see Fishstick and co. involved in such an exhibition. On the other, this is far from the first time Fortnite has played host to serious content. Last year, Fortnite’s no-combat Party Royale mode broadcast a series of programmes on combating racism and voter suppression.

Time Magazine hired various creators to work on the mode, and sought contributions from the DuSable Museum of African American History, as well as the Estate of Martin Luther King Jr.

Spend time exploring the new experience and complete its various objectives and you’ll gain an in-game “D.C. ’63” cosmetic spray. You can find it with island code 3815-8892-1433, or via the March Through Time tile in the Discover Menu.


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