What’s new on the Season 8 map?

Fortnite’s map has, like always, been updated with a selection of new locations, landmarks and little changes with the release of Season 8 and the new Season 8 Battle Pass skins.

During Season 8, portals to an alternative dimension known as The Sideways have appeared throughout the Fortnite map. This includes new landmarks where you’ll find a number of mysterious cubes and two anomalies which will change locations every match.

Just like in past Chapter 2 seasons, you need to visit all of these locations in person to reveal them on the map. Yet, if you want to know how the land now lies before you start a match, this map page will be quite useful.

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 Story Trailer

Fortnite new map image and changes at a glance

On the surface, Fortnite’s Season 8 map is quite similar to the past Season. Currently, the only major landmark changes are Holly Hedges returning to its pre-alien invasion state and Corny Complex becoming Corny Crops after its near destruction.

Here’s the new Season 8 map:

The Season 8 Fortnite map.

There are, however, a number of new landmarks for you to discover; these new locations are linked to the alternative dimension, called The Sideways, which the island is slowly being connected to through the power of the cubes.

The new landmarks includes Smashed Stronghold, east of Pleasant Park, and Wasted Woods on the western outskirts of Weeping Woods. In these locations you can find tunnels of purple energy which, if entered, will allow to travel quickly through the area and small cubes you can use to transform into a ghostly form.

Wasted Woods and Smashed Stronghold.

Season 8 also brings two new effects to the Fortnite map which will rotate every match. The first is the Sideways Anomaly, which, like the UFOs last season, will appear at a landmark location every match.

When entered the Sideways Anomaly will transport you to The Sideways where gravity is lower and you can’t construct any buildings. These anomalies are also home to a number of fiends, which are hostile NPCs, so keep your guard upon!

Wasted Woods and Smashed Stronghold.

The second are small pockets of The Sideways where you’ll have to defeat waves of fiends for rewards. You can die inside these smaller anomalies, so make sure you’re fully prepared before entering!


As mentioned above, the locations for both of these anomalies will change every match, but, luckily, you can find them on the Fortnite map in-match.


Season 8 and The Sideways have arrived in Fortnite. You can now start collecting the Season 8 Battle Pass skins, investigate the map changes and obtain the new Victory Umbrella!

Make a start on the Season 8 questlines, with the IO Heist and finding IO guards and mending locations for Baba Yaga. You can also start collecting colour bottles for Tonna Fish and completing the new character collection.

Fortnite new map comparisons

Take a look at the maps below to see how the Fortnite island has developed throughout Chapter 2. Starting with the previous season’s map:

The map for Fortnite Chapter 7.

Here’s how it looked at the start of Season 6:

Season 6’s map.

For some comparisons, here’s how it looked at the start of Season 5:

Season 5’s map.

Here’s how the map looks before and after you’ve uncovered the new locations at the beginning of the Season 4:

Season 4’s map.

And the start of Season 3, which saw the map flooded:

Season 3’s map.

The new Season 8 locations will no doubt all feature in Challenges as part of the Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass over time – so best get used to them and their new inhabitants!

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