The latest release from the increasingly prolific Gala Games brings us a sale for a project called Fuzzle. Combining NFTs, furry creatures, and an adaptive AI, Fuzzles could be breaking some interesting new ground. More interactive experience, than game, Fuzzles learn by talking to their owners. But, as creatures from a different planet, can we ever really know their true purpose? After all, Gremlins start off as sweet little Mogwai

the road ahead

Fuzzles are cute, furry creatures from a different planet. After losing their home planet, the only remaining survivors, 9,997 in all, made their way to Earth. Here, anyone with a Gala Games account and 0.5 ETH can bag their very own Fuzzle (payments accepted in ETH and GALA). When purchased, owners receive a Fuzzle Pod, and exchange it later for a unique, random Fuzzle.

Built by a group called Endless AI, Fuzzles are here to learn about humans. And for that, they need a best friend to learn from. Perhaps that friend could be you! Fuzzles offer an AI-driven interaction that promises to learn and grow from. Though it’s not clear how owners will interact with their Fuzzles or what sort of purpose it serves to chat with an NFT, as someone who spent memorable time ‘talking’ to Eliza on the Apple II computers in my school way back in the day, I am intrigued!

Fuzzle ownership promises future benefits such as premium access to future events, voting rights on project plans, and exclusive airdrops. The team also mentions a post-launch, month long event with special prizes and exclusive accessories for your Fuzzles.

The sale starts soon (less than a half-hour as I type this — sorry for the short notice!), but since Fuzzles exist as ERC-721 NFTs, they can be traded on secondary markets after the sale. The team has big plans for where Fuzzles might go in the future. It will be very interesting to see if interaction with the Fuzzles is interesting enough to keep people coming back for more.

What is Gala Games?

Gala Games is a creator and producer of blockchain games. With an ever growing stable of projects including Town Star, Mirandus, Spider Tanks, Echoes of Empire, and more, Gala Games has something for everyone. Built on the Ethereum network, Gala is in the process of creating and moving to their own chain. Those interested in supporting the ecosysytem with a significant investment can purchase a Gala node, allowing them to help process transactions in return for rewards and special NFT airdrops.

Gala Games recently expanded their horizons with Gala Music.

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