The Heavy is one of the classes in Gears Tactics. Armed to the teeth with the Mulcher machine gun, this powerhouse can chew through Locust enemies with ease. Here’s our skills and abilities mini-guide to help you out.

Note: This guide is based on a completed campaign where several characters reached level 6 to 7. For the other classes, you can refer to our leveling and recruitment guide. Anyway, you can see my ideal build for the Heavy class below:

Gears Tactics: Heavy class’ skills and abilities

The Heavy class in Gears Tactics has Anchor as its default skill. This is a passive that increases accuracy and damage whenever the unit shoots. It also has four archetypes:

  • Specialist – Redeployment and killstreaks.
  • Artillery – Dealing crits (Reckless Shot) and sustained damage (Ultra Shot).
  • Demolitionist – Usage of Explosive Shot.
  • Defender – Usage of Suppressing Fire and area denial.

Of the four, I found that the Artillery archetype worked wonders when combined At the Ready and Suppressing Fire from the Defender branch. The former reduces skill cooldowns when you enter overwatch, and the latter prevents regular mobs from moving due to suppression. You can then use Explosive Shot afterward to make enemies go kaboom.

Heavy Class And Builds Guide Gears Tactics 3

And then there’s Ultra Shot. This skill costs one AP but it lets you continuously shoot a target (except for bosses) until it dies or you run out of bullets. Since you’ve got a Mulcher, you can fire more than half a dozen shots on high HP targets like Boomers in one go. Another skill like Heat Up (+25% damage, refreshes 1 AP), along with additional buffs like Embers once you reach level 7 (chance to refresh the Heat Up effect even if it’s on cooldown), are amazing to have when mowing down the Locust Horde.

Lastly, you should consider picking up Catalyst (at the far left-hand side of the skill tree). This gives your Heavy class additional AP whenever a teammate performs an execution. Since being Anchored requires you to stay in place, you can let your teammates rush and go for execution kills, all while you’re getting more AP to clear the entire area of hostiles.

Heavy Class skills And Builds Guide Gears Tactics 1

Weapon and armor mods

As for items mods and passives, here are some of my ideal choices for the Mulcher:

  • Handle: Bloodlust – Heal yourself equal to a percentage of the damage you do.
  • Magazine: Extended Magazine – Have some extra ammo.
  • Recoil Adapter: Patrol – Increased overwatch damage.
  • Barrel: Disrupt – Shots push back targets.

For armors:

  • Helmet: Advanced Optics – Increased crit damage.
  • Chest: Stabilizers – Gain accuracy and damage reduction while on overwatch.
  • Legs: Double Down – Increased damage each turn whenever you shoot (stacking).

Gtsq Hev 1

Gears Tactics is available via Steam and Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass for Windows. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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