Masked men love inviting hundreds of people to private islands to participate in death games, especially when it’s to prove a point that probably could’ve been proven without building an underground crematorium. It’s a wasteful approach to ethics studies for sure, but it makes for great TV, so chuck Squid Game into the old Netflix queue if you haven’t already. 

The nine-episode Korean series was obviously inspired by Battle Royale, the 2000 movie that gave the videogame genre its name, but shuffles in the unpredictability of a janky CS:GO minigame mod, to stretch a little for a game comparison. It’s videogame-adjacent, let’s say: It features adults playing children’s games (one way to describe the staff of PC Gamer at times) and there’s some thematic kinship, like lots of unnecessary murder. Squid Game is certainly the most violent show I’ve watched recently.

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