Two years is quite a long time in mobile games – trends, technology and technical standards can shift monthly – so when a game hits the two year mark its worth a little celebration. Darkness Rises, from Nexon, is a cinematic aRPG which has just hit that milestone, and we’ve got a couple of hundred Android codes, each one giving a mass of goodies to celebrate.

Darkness Rises, for the unfamiliar, is an aRPG which Nexon released back in 2018. It puts players in the heart of a war between a suddenly organised, malignant orc force which rapidly starts overrunning the nation of men. It’s all a little bit familiar, but there’s more than enough going on in its fantasy world to keep you playing. Beyond the standard aRPG fair you can join up to guilds which really opens up lots of new playstyles – and with 23 million players, there should definitely be a few guildmates out there for you.

The giveaway keys give you a whole variety of in-game items and a pretty tidy 20million gold pieces. Specifically, it awards the following:

“5 x Costume Chest (Rank A – S++)
500 x Adventure Key
20,000,000 Gold
20 x EXP Boost Ticket
20 x Choice Dye Ticket
10 Costume Deco Chest (Rank A – S++)”

Want to know how to enter? Simple, just fill out the form below. We’ve got plenty of codes and will be issuing them until the 26th of this month when the codes expire. As a reminder, these keys are for the Google Play version of Darkness Rises.

If you’re in the North American region, enter through the below:

Or for UK & Europe, enter here:

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