Matches Are Super Fast

A signature aspect of Golf Clash that likely contributes to its popularity is the speed of the matches. In most golf games, you play 9 or 18 holes. Some let you go three holes. But, in this game, it’s just one hole, so you’ll be zipping through your rounds quickly.

The speed and the fact that it’s only one hole, lead to some pretty intense battles. If it’s the usual 9 to 18 holes, then there’s insurance in case you or your opponent fall behind. When it’s one hole, it’s do-or-die time right off of the tee box.

And the easy nature of the gameplay can really ramp things up. And although there’s a tad bit of strategy, depending on how tough the golf course is, matches are still a breeze. You’ll be surprised how many rounds you can get through in a day.

The Golf Quality is Good

So, this might seem kind of corny, but if you’re a big golf fan, you might appreciate this aspect of Golf Clash’s gameplay. Although the game has been wildly popular with more of a casual fanbase, it still scratches the itch of the die-hard golf fan, to a degree.
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The courses have fun designs, and the ball physics are extremely satisfying as well. If you’re a bit of a golf junkie, you may like some of these small aspects. You can kinda tell that the folks at Playdemic seem to genuinely like golf.

Many times, you may have developers who aren’t super passionate about the sport that they’re making a game of. That’s fine, of course, as long as the product is good, but it’s always nice to have that extra touch of love to the game. The devs at EA Sports who made some of the NHL games were well known for being hockey nuts, which led to those games winning several awards. I can’t speak for Playdemic, but they do seem to have an appreciation for the sport of golf.

There is Customization

For a game as super simple as Golf Clash is, it features something that is all too familiar with gamers who have played golf games over the years. Customization. Now, personalisation is in almost any game you play nowadays, but golf features several elements of customization including the clubs and golf balls.

Those two things are the exact you can change up. There are no true “custom options” per se, but you can unlock new clubs and golf balls that are more powerful and can help you out a little bit out on the course. This makes playing Golf Clash not only fun and relaxing to play, but it’s rewarding too because of that.

The golf balls, in particular, offer some nice bonuses, similar to the golf balls from the legendary Golden Tee series. Some give you extra distance while others might help you cut through the wind like a knife through butter. You can earn these items simply by playing the game and completing matches.

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