Google has denied rumors that it will be shutting down Google Stadia. The rumor started when the Twitter account Killed by Google posted a tweet about Stadia’s future. The tweet states that a regional manager for Google had tipped them off that Google is “beginning their exit plan”. It also claims that Google would warn users 30-60 days before the service was discontinued sometime this Summer.

However, it looks as though the source for this rumor was not reliable. The official Stadia Twitter account replied to a user asking if Stadia is going to close down soon. Google’s response was “Stadia is not shutting down. Rest assured we’re always working on bringing more great games to the platform”.


And with that, the short-lived rumor comes to an end. Given the questionable source and lack of proof, the claim of Stadia closing was always dubious. Even so, it was convincing enough that some Stadia users were concerned about the future of the platform.

This concern isn’t surprising as the idea of Stadia shutting down is by no means inconceivable. Since its launch, Stadia has suffered from various technical issues, missing features, and Google even shutting down its own Stadia dedicated studio. Plus it’s not as though Stadia has been a sensational success. It has a user base but when compared to other major platforms it just doesn’t attract the same kind of interest.

Stadia’s problem

Even if it’s not shutting down Stadia still has some issues to overcome. The biggest problem Stadia has is a problem that all cloud gaming has. A lack of infrastructure. To stream Stadia games at 4K you need a consistent 35 Mbps or faster download speed. In many areas of the world, especially third-world countries, such speeds are almost unheard of. On top of that users still have to pay for games and the monthly subscription. These factors combined make Google Stadia an inaccessible platform for a lot of people.

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