As we reported back in February, developer btf’s gorgeous 1960s sci-fi adventure game, Trüberbrook, is coming to mobile this year. It’ll arrive on iOS, Android, and Google Play Pass on September 3rd – only three weeks away.

Trüberbrook casts you as American physicist Hans Tannhauser who visits the titular German town before getting tangled up in plenty of X-Files-meets-Twin-Peaks strangeness. The main draw here is its impressive visual style. You’ll navigate your way through a series of painstakingly detailed scenes that look quite unlike anything else in gaming.

This is largely due to the fact that they were quite literally handmade and lit with real film equipment to create distinct moods within every area. Each scene was then digitised through photogrammetry, then refined digitally to include real-time shadowing, particle effects, depth of view, and more.

Ex-Ed Ric Cowley reviewed the Switch version in April of last year, and while he couldn’t praise the game’s presentation enough, he found the actual act of playing Trüberbrook to be somewhat testing, saying that the game’s “beautiful visuals sadly fail to hide a confusing, frustrating adventure game experience that you’ll struggle to enjoy.”
The mobile versions will be premium releases available for $4.99. You can pre-order Trüberbrook now from the App Store or register your interest over on Google Play.

It definitely seems to have been a fairly divisive game, which makes me even more curious to try it when it hits mobile on September 3rd.
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