Grand Alliance is an original, anime-inspired RPG brawler from Crunchyroll Games that

Grand Alliance, Crunchyroll Games’ original, anime-inspired action-RPG, is available now for iOS and Android | Articles

First announced in April, Crunchyroll’s original, anime-inspired action-RPG, Grand Alliance, is available now for both iOS and Android. The game, which marks Crunchyroll’s first attempt at an original IP, has been created in partnership with Viz Media and Gaudium.

Grand Alliance follows Amelia, the last surviving princess of a fallen empire. Following her family’s assassination, the nation was torn apart and she aims to reunite it once more. Given this is a video game, however, that essentially means battling large hordes of enemies in real-time combat.

In Grand Alliance, this will be squad-based and players will assemble a team of three heroes with a variety of skills at their disposal. There will be over 30 to choose from that will be divided into different classes including warrior, skirmisher, gunner and mage.

Since over 90,000 people pre-registered for the game, those players will receive 25,000 Gold, 25 of each class emblem, 1,250 free Gems, Tier 5 skill Gravity Bomb, and their first hero – Clarissa when they log into the game. Additionally, there will be a seven-day log in event that will net players another character called Daisy just for remembering to open the game for a week. 
Discussing the game Terry Li, head of 360 and general manager of Games at Crunchyroll said: “The publishing of ‘Grand Alliance’ represents a new step for Crunchyroll Games, as this is our first title not based on existing IP or known storyline.”

He added: “As part of this experimental foray, we have created a rich, compelling world with VIZ Media and Gaudium and we can’t wait for new fans to start exploring.”

Grand Alliance is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.
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