Grinding Gear Games definitely has its eyes on its next big success, with Path of Exile 2 a big part of that future. However, before we even get there, there is still the matter of Path of Exile: Ultimatum. Expected to be a big expansion update for the base game, the launch of Path of Exile: Ultimatum has been rife with issues. Needless to say, this has been frustrating for the community. Grinding Gear Games is aware of that, and has since come out to address the problems.

Taking to Reddit, Lead Developer Chris Wilson discussed the issues that have cropped up for Path of Exile: Ultimatum thus far. One of those was the incredibly long time it took for players to jump in to the new content. Queues were long, taking up to two hours at times. That is unacceptable at any level, and the studio knows that. A human error was the root of the problem. A migration process that was supposed to take place before launch did not happen.


There was a temporary fix, but it essentially took players out of the experience every 10 minutes or so. In other words, both scenarios were less than ideal. You can imagine the frustrations for players and developers alike when it comes to these sorts of issues with Path of Exile: Ultimatum

Wilson shared that this was definitely not what the studio was planning for launch day. After all, the team is usually extremely careful with making infrastructure changes, which include internal tests, code reviews, and even large-scale load tests. This should have adequately prepared Path of Exile: Ultimatum for any potential issues. Unfortunately, the team did not spot the human error in time.

Rising tension

What made the issues worse for Path of Exile: Ultimatum in the eyes of the fans was the preferential treatment. At launch, the studio gave quick access to content creators. This means many folks were stuck in a queue while having to watch content creators having fun. Such advertising is to be expected, but it is hardly a comfort to those eagerly waiting at the gates.

Wilson has expressed regret on the part of the team for that decision. In part Wilson feels that way since in the past the team prided itself on allowing everyone a fair start. Moving forward, not even streamers will be able to bypass the login queue.

As for the long queue times, thankfully, the problem has since been rectified. A fix has been put in place, with Grinding Gear Games on the lookout for any fallout from the fix. Players can sometimes find their inventory being messed up after a server fix, so that will be the key aspect the team will try to avoid here.

Grinding Gear Games Addresses Path Of Exile Ultimatum Launch Issues (3)

Of course, the team does not expect players to be happy about all of these issues in Path of Exile: UltimatumEven with fixes in place, what’s done is done. The studio just wants to make sure that everyone knows what is going on and what the plan is moving forward.

We will continue to wait and see just how things turn out as Path of Exile: Ultimatum continues to roll along.

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