As you may have expected, Guerrilla Collective has joined countless other events with a delay. The show was originally scheduled to take place this weekend, from 6th to 8th June, but that’s no longer the case.

The indie games showcase, which is to be hosted by Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller, released a statement on social media today addressing the situation.

As stated above, Guerrilla Collective will now be carried out between the 13th and 15th June, postponing for a week in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Additionally, a livestream on the 7th June is going ahead, which will “highlight black voices in our industry, dedicated exclusively to showcasing games created by black developers, titles featuring black protagonists, and conversations with these creators”.

It follows the postponement of other upcoming video game events, such as Future Games Show and Sony’s anticipated PS5 games reveal.

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