It’s not always your fault. Sometimes a boss gets stuck on a bit of level geometry, or halfway through a wall. So what if you spend the next five minutes safely hacking away at their protruding limbs until they die? That bug’s not your fault. You just chose to exploit it.

Sometimes though, it is our fault. We grenade bosses off ledges, pepper them with arrows from the other side of a fog wall, or look up that one position where Crawmerax the Invincible can’t reach us and then squat there shooting him till he dies.

Our weekend question is this: Have you defeated a boss by exploiting a bug or a cheesy strat? Here are our answers, plus a few from our forum.

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Dave James: OK, it’s not necessarily cheesing a big boss per se, but by fully embracing the vampire lifestyle in Oblivion on my first playthrough it let me fly through the myriad annoying Oblivion gates in no time. Making sure I was right on the edge of full-vamp whenever I hit a gate meant my powers were at their height and I could leap tall buildings in a single bound… or at least jump up and across bridges, circumventing most of the surrounding towers inside an Oblivion gate, and on to the top of the main one. Then I’d go invisible, grab the Sigil Stone, and be on my way, often without the goons being any the wiser.

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