Another Nvidia leak bears out: 12 seconds of footage from a Helldivers 2 trailer has leaked on Twitter ahead of an official announcement. As sequels go, Helldivers 2 shouldn’t be a big surprise at this point: developer Arrowhead Game Studios (also the makers of Magicka) hasn’t released a new game since Helldivers in 2015, and last October Arrowhead tweeted some cryptic binary code that seemed like a tease for an announcement that never materialized. In other words: it’s about time.

The first Helldivers was published on PlayStation by Sony, and actually arrived on Steam under Sony’s banner back in 2015. It was one of only three Sony-published games on Steam, all indies, until Horizon Zero Dawn kicked off the new era of PlayStation games on PC in 2020. Arrowhead kept supporting Helldivers for years, which perhaps explains why the sequel has been so long in coming.

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