Yesterday, Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear Games and its community were the victims of an extremely asinine hoax. In a thread on the Legal Advice subreddit, a disabled person said they were banned from Path of Exile for using a macro to help them play. That post sparked discussion and outrage that quickly spread throughout Reddit and social media.

“I can’t use one hand and some fingers on the other after an industrial accident,” a redditor named poelegalthrowaway00 wrote in their now-deleted post. Here’s a link to an image of that thread. They go on to explain that they can’t play Path of Exile because the game requires players to frequently use potions to survive, which are bound to number keys and need to be pressed every few seconds (though that changes depending on your specific character build). “I physically can’t press 4 keys every few seconds so I use a macro that automatically does it for me.”

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