One of the classic ways to get Pokemon to spawn near you without actually having to go anywhere is through incense. These can be purchased for premium currency in the game and are put on the players. Since lockdowns have begun, Niantic has actually increased the amount of time incense work for one hour instead of thirty minutes like before. Incense are often in premium bundles, at a discounted rate, which can be helpful when it comes to stocking up on


Though you may not be able to make your way to a raid or to a gym, you can still battle at home through the Battle tab in your Pokeball menu. This battle button will either set you up in league battles, where you will be put against other players currently battling to gain rewards or allow you to scan your friends phone and battle them together – if someone in your household does play Pokemon Go themselves. Through wins in leagues, you can actually go against stronger players and earn even more rewards, as well as earn streaks and stardust.

Pokemon Go Tour

Inside the shop, you might have noticed that there are Global Events now – instead of Safari specific zones like Pokemon Go previously did run. These tickets are purchased at a premium price, but will give you access to an event that happens right in your home, at a specific time and date. Information about each specific tour can be found in the News on Pokemon Go.

Remote Raid Passes

Remote Raid Passes allow you to join in any raids you can see on the Nearby screen – without actually physically going to the raid.These passes are the same price as Battle Passes and work the same – with you only needing one so that you can enter a raid. If you are in a battle with a remote raid pass, you will have a reduced attack power compared to players who are actually at the raid.

Field Research

When it comes to field research passes, previously you have needed to spin Pokestops to get new ones. Currently, however, you will receive one daily bonus Field Research task, which can be done without spinning a stop. This can help you continue your progress throughout the entire game. You will need to have an open spot for this task though!


Though Pokestops have a wider range, allowing you to spin them from further, you still may not be able to get to them. If you have a buddy pet, you can actually get gifts from Pokestops from them, as long as you play with them and take care of them! They are able to go off and bring you items back from these stops, without you ever leaving your home.


You could always send gifts, but if you do have a Pokestop nearby, it does actually drop more gifts then it previously did. And you can then send more of those gifts to your friends who may not have a Pokestop near them. Your gifts inventory does currently hold more gifts than when the game first started off, so you will be able to send and receive more while being stuck at home.

Free Gift Box

Each day, you can find a free gift box in the Pokemon Store, that way, if you don’t have a Pokestop near you and nobody is sending you gifts, you can still get a little something to keep you playing in the game, for free. You just need to remember to continue to collect them each day, otherwise they will be missed.

Using the Real World

If you can currently get out and about, safely for daily exercise, you can use that time to hit up Pokemon Stops and gyms, if you have the time and can go on a safe route. It might be worth checking out the local areas currently open for exercise and seeing if they have a stop nearby them. There are plenty of online communities in Pokemon Go as well, where you can find people to add as friends, who will be actively playing and sending along gifts to keep you stocked up.

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