As you progress through Humankind‘s campaign, you’ll eventually realize the value of religion. If you focus on the faith game and the various tenets, you could obtain a lot of followers. In turn, you’ll end up swimming in a ton of bonuses. Here’s our Humankind guide to help you with religion mechanics, faith, religious tenets, and followers.

Note: This guide is based on the Victor OpenDev build, and we’ll update it accordingly as we get closer to the release date.


Humankind: Religion and faith guide – Getting more followers and choosing the best tenets

Having a little faith

To be frank, starting the religion game in Humankind can be a bit odd. I personally don’t even know what determines the trigger for it. What usually happens a couple dozen turns after you start your campaign is that you’ll get a prompt about founding a religion. You have two options:

  • Polytheism – +10 faith; +5 influence and +5 faith on holy sites.
  • Shamanism – +10 faith; +10 influence on holy sites.

Either option helps you out from the get-go since you can acquire more influence to claim world wonders. Eventually, as you increase your faith generation from various sources (i.e., world wonders, holy sites, civics, and the like), you’ll have more followers of your empire’s state religion. From this point onwards, you can unlock new tenets.

Religious tenets in Humankind are broken down into tiers, and you’re only allowed to choose one from each. Beware, though, because the tenets chosen by the AI will no longer be available to you (and vice versa).

Humankind Religion Faith Religious Tenets Followers Guide 1

Tier 1 Tenets

All of these options provide +1 to your holy site cap.

Tenet Effect
Eschew Gluttony +5 money (territories)
Be in Harmony with Nature +5 science (territories)
Steal Not +10 stability (territories)
Smite Unbelievers +5 influence (territories)
Purge Idleness +10 food (holy site)
Abstain From Intoxicants +10 industry (holy site)
Seek Wisdom +10 science (holy site)
Tithe The Wealthy +10 gold (holy site)

Tier 2 Tenets

All of these options provide +1 to your holy site cap as well as +5 faith.

Tenet Effect
Undertake Pilgrimage +10 influence (holy site)
Reject Luxury +1 industry (per follower; capital)
Bear Not False Witness +1 science (per follower; capital)
Give Alms +1 money (per follower; capital)
Raise Monuments +5 stability (per follower; capital)
Observe Fasts +1 food (per follower; capital)

Tier 3 Tenets

All of these options provide +1 to your holy site cap. Likewise, take note of certain modifiers. Some tenets (i.e., Develop the Intellect) provide bonuses based on the number of followers, and these are applied to every holy site in your empire. Talk about massive, empire-wide buffs, eh?

Tenet Effect
Develop the Intellect +1 science (per follower; holy site)
Honor Kin +1 influence (per follower; holy site)
Challenge Orthodoxy +5% science (per coreligionist state)
Sustain the Faithful +5% money (per coreligionist state)
Mandate Patronage +10 stability (per coreligionist state)
Be Charitable +1 money (per follower; holy site)

Tier 4 Tenets

This is the highest tier of religious tenets in Humankind as of the Victor OpenDev build.

Tenet Effect
Beware False Prophets +100% turns before territories under your religion’s influence are converted by another religion. Your territories basically cannot be converted to another religion.
+1 maximum holy sites
Proselytize Daily -50% turns before you can convert a territory that’s under a foreign religion’s influence. This basically speeds up your religion’s capabilities to convert other lands.
+1 maximum holy sites
Donate Generously +3 maximum holy sites
Meditate Often +2 combat strength on units;
+1 maximum holy sites

Humankind Religion Faith Religious Tenets Followers Guide 2

Humankind will release via Steam on August 17.

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