Humble Bundle arrived in 2010 and has been revolutionary in many ways. From highlighting indie games as a smaller service to its current status as a juggernaut with a comprehensive digital storefront and monthly subscription services, there is no doubt the company is a big player. However, what has always helped Humble Bundle stand was its devotion to charity work. With $195 million donated so far, that is undeniably impressive. Yet, things are set to change once more as Humble Bundle looks at tweaking its sliders, bundles, and the way it does charity.

In a new blog post update, the team shared more about its upcoming plans. In terms of sliders, the Humble Bundle has been carrying out tests for the past month or so. Instead of allowing users to choose how much they wanted their contribution to charity to be, they were fixed instead. The sudden introduction of this change without context caused some confusion, but it was a sign of things to come.


With this official announcement, Humble Bundle is pushing ahead in May. Sliders will be replaced by toggles with defined splits. This will give users a clear idea of how much of their money is going to Humble Bundle, publishers, and charity. If you feel like doing more good, there is also the Extra to Charity toggle that triples the split to 15%.

Users will also be able to see what the content is for different tiers. Using tabs and presenting everything in one shot is certainly a more user-friendly approach.

Change is afoot

That is not all that is going to be changed either. The team is also looking at how better to tweak the bundle pages for the modern user. Nothing has changed since its launch over a decade ago, and a refresh is certainly a good move. If things are changed for the better, no one is going to complain. Unfortunately, the removal of adjustable sliders from the Humble Bundle charity experience is not exactly universally welcomed.

The defined cap on how much users can give to charity is a sticking point, and rightly so. After all, between Humble Bundle, publishers, and charity, it would appear that the latter deserves more of the pie. Yet, that is simply not fiscally possible. With Humble Bundle pushing open-ended payments from the start in the name of a good cause, that might not fly anymore as businesses evolve.

Humble Bundle Rolling Out Slider Changes For Charity To Mixed Reactions (1)

While this might ensure a fairer shake for the publishers — and hopefully, the development studios under them — the loss for charities due to this change in Humble Bundle’s approach is clear. A capped 15% limit will see donations drop even more in value, especially considering the already attractive prices for many of the bundles. If generous users are unable to ensure that they can make huge charitable donations while getting some games in return, they will likely not be showing their support that often.

However, things could still change. These are just tests for now. Should the overall sentiment veer too far towards the negative side of the spectrum, Humble Bundle will likely change its approach again.

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