I Want To Go To Mars is a narrative-driven adventure game that follows a young boy and his Teddy as they embark on an adventure to reach the Red Planet. The game originally soft-launched earlier this year in Australia and a few other places and now it’s available for both iOS and Android globally.

The game has been developed by 15 Minutes of Game, which is made up of Charlie Kenihan and Nick Margerison. The game combines Charlie’s love for all things space with Nick’s passion for youth work and education, along with his experience in that sector. This makes it a potentially great game for parents and their children to play together.

Robyn and Teddy want to go to Mars because it’s always sunny there and they won’t have to worry about running out of sand. However, before they can head off into space they’ll need to build their own rocket ship. This will be achieved by combining several items they’ll find laying around Robyn’s garden. Once they’ve done that, they’ll be able to blast off into space. 

Once there they’ll need to dodge incoming asteroids and collect star fuel so they can continue their journey. It all looks very cute, as you can see in the trailer above. The developers say that it’s a fairly short experience, with each playthrough lasting between 25 and 40 minutes across 6 different levels.
It definitely has a lovely art style that’s very much reminiscent of a children’s storybook, which is what the developers are going for. In keeping with that theme, the story will also be narrated as players make their way to Mars and they can expect to hear an abundance of puns throughout the adventure.

I Want To Go To Mars is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a premium title that costs $1.99.
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